Colour Blocking The Right Way

When I think colour block, the first thing that comes to my mind is the rainbow. It’s colourful, beautiful and bright. Now that does not mean that when you wear your colour block you should also look like a rainbow.

I have seen worse colour blocking that should be burned from the streets.

Colour blocking isn’t just about mixing two colours together; it is about putting bold colours together and creating a colourful and dazzling outfit.

The trick to pulling off a stunning outfit is using simple colours or shapes that complement each other.

Think black an green, Pink and yellow, Royal blue and red.

Colour schemes that can help you coordinate your outfit:

There are so many colours you can play with, it’s a matter of being creative and work with what will look great.

From now on this is how you colour block:


More about colour blocking on the next edition

Sources of the images are:


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